Experience shows that almost all white nationalists go through a similar process of awakening. I will outline the key factors which are common: Disillusionment, race realism, historical revisionism, and jewish conspiracy.

The first factor is disillusionment. This feeling can appear for many reasons: Life appears to have no meaning, society appears degenerate or unjust, the person’s dreams have been crushed. For me it was chiefly a case of life feeling meaningless. I wasted away the days and the years in escapism; watching TV shows, playing video games, reading fiction, partying, and masturbating to porn. My existence felt empty, and this eventually prompted me to look for answers in philosophy. My feeling was not unique, but had been felt by others including Friedrich Nietzsche and Julius Evola, and was felt by hundreds of anonymous individuals expressing themselves in forums and imageboards. Disillusionment is the catalyst which inspires people to look for new meaning in life, ways to change society for the better, and ways to achieve greatness for themselves.


The second factor is race realism. Race realism is the conscious or unconscious knowledge that the human races differ in physical and mental attributes. Educational indoctrination throughout childhood, coupled with the constant stream of propaganda from western media, serves to make millions of people believe the absurd and anti-scientific claim that all races are equal. These brainwashed people can observe and accept differences between various breeds of dogs, but will vehemently espouse no differences between various breeds of humans. Race is only skin deep. Any significant exposure to non-white races will make a white person aware, that they are different, even if they won’t admit it to anyone else from fear of being labeled RACIST. One can look at an albino black and observe different bone structures compared to a white person of European ancestry. One can observe the dominance of black athletes in various running competitions, as well as their absence in any serious intellectual pursuits. One can observe the dominance of Asians in academic institutions, as well as their absence in lists of inventors or artists. One can observe the stereotypical crooked noses of Jews, study their genetic predisposition to mental illnesses, and ultimately characterize their parasitic mode of action. One can look at IQ-studies, behavioral studies, outcome-studies, etc. and observe significant average differences between the races. The advent of genetic sequencing has revealed distinct subgroups of humans based on genetic markers and whole-genome data, and these subgroups generally match the original classifications of human races. Race realism serves to debunk the utopia of multiculturalism and validates racial identity and tribalism.

Toward a more uniform sampling of human genetic diversity: A survey of worldwide populations by high-density genotyping. Xing et al, 2010.

The third factor is historical revisionism. Historical revisionism is the knowledge that the official or popular explanations of historical events of recent times are flawed, often because of deliberate omissions, distortions, and outright fabrications. The historical events which are most affected are those with political implications. Starting from the present and moving backwards, we question the explanations of the recent and current middle eastern conflicts and the motives for western intervention. We particularly question the events of 9/11. We question the explanations of World War II, the vilification of the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler, and the holocaust of the jews. We question the motives of the American Civil War, and the vilification of the Confederates. We question the supposed wrongness and evil of European colonization, the benefits of Christian hegemony, the purported non-white ruling classes of several ancient civilizations including the Egyptians. Historical revisionism serves to remove the stigma surrounding white identity and white nationalism, since this stigma is based on and justified with a flawed and biased interpretation of history.

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The final factor is jewish conspiracy. Jewish conspiracy is the belief that jews in particular are the main masterminds behind and orchestrator of an attempt to destroy western civilization and the white race. Jews as a people have a parasitic mode of existence, and they work actively to ingrain themselves in society. They live among the gentiles, be they Arabs, Christians, Pagans, or Atheists, never integrating. When they live with a host population, they work to enslave the gentiles with taxes and usury, subvert society to be more tolerant and accommodating to jews, corrupt the gentiles in order to control them through bribes and blackmail, divide the gentiles by fostering strife, and tranquilize the gentiles with indoctrination through the education system, entertainment, and the mass media. Jews are behind Communism, Marxism, feminism, the homosexual movement, the transgender movement, abortion, political correctness, third-world immigration, race-mixing, Hollywood, et cetera, et cetera. Obviously not all jews are aware of or part of the conspiracy, and some traitorous white people also collaborate with the jews for their immediate personal benefit. However, the jews AS A RACE constitute the most dangerous enemy of white people.master-raceIn the future I will go into more details to help white people awaken, and help existing white nationalists awaken others.