I have one ultimate goal, the survival and progression of my genes through my family and my race. There are many ways in which one can work towards this goal. I will divide them into 3 chief strategies; long-term, medium-term, and short-term. Long-term includes finding a mate, breeding, and rearing children. Medium-term includes everything related to improving yourself, learning skills, saving funds and resources, making contacts, red-pilling. Short-term is everything related to making an impact NOW; campaigning, activism, terrorism, war, etc. One can have a greater or lesser focus on each of these strategies, and the optimal ratio depends on the circumstances of yourself and your environment. Hedging one’s bets is usually a good idea, but even if you don’t do it individually it will happen at the level of the race.

The main circumstantial factor is the country you live in. If you are a white Afrikaner, then it is too late to focus on a long-term strategy of breeding and raising a family. Afrikaners MUST gather what resources they have, organize, and fight or flee. If you are a white American, then you MIGHT have time to birth and rear a batch of children, but the risk of a race war or other major conflict increases every year, where children would be a burden. A mixed strategy favoring medium-term activities seems appropriate. In wealthy, majority white countries, a long term strategy is needed, since the social and political climate aren’t ripe for revolution.

Another circumstantial factor is your current power level. If you are weak, poor, single, and confused, then you can make relatively large gains quickly using self-improvement techniques. In that case you ought to focus on this medium-term strategy first, in order to find a mate and enable a long-term strategy, or to make a short-term strategy more effective in the future. However, medium-term strategies tend to have diminishing returns, and they don’t have an impact in and of themselves. Don’t get caught up in the self-realization meme, and don’t wait until you are old and decrepit to make an impact.