Currently western “right wing” parties are mainly neocons. They say they are anti-immigration, but they are pro Zionist, pro capitalist, pro “integration”. Take a country like Denmark. With 10% non-Europeans currently and growing, stopping immigration WOULD help the racial situation, but integrating this amount would harm our genetic stock significantly. Also, most boomers and young people are brainwashed to think immigration is beneficial or moral.

Berlingske Barometer

A, B, SF, Ø, Å, making up 51% of the popular vote, are for same or more immigration and integration.

V, DF, LA, C, D, making up 49% of the popular vote, are for less immigration, but still for integration. Despite this, they have as a group never actually halted immigration significantly. D and DF (20%) are the only parties supporting partial repatriation, and they are still both pro-Israel.

As the number of foreigners increases, support for immigration amongst Europeans is likely to fall, but at the same time more immigrants will become eligible voters. Repatriation of foreigners born here, foreign adoptees, mongrels, etc. is also a difficult prospect to sell to the soft Europeans, and these groups will increase.

In 2012 in Germany 20% (16.3 million) of the population had a foreign background, and this number has increased by ~0.5-1 million people a year since then with the “migrant crisis”. Their anti-immigration party only won 7% of the votes in 2014.

In 2011 Sweden had 27% of the population had a foreign background (including Europeans), with ~10% being non-European 1st generation migrants, and this number has increased by ~50-100 thousand migrants a year since then with the “migrant crisis”, in addition to new births. Their anti-immigration party only won 14% of the votes in 2014.

Thus despite bigger immigrant populations compared to Denmark, political opposition to immigration in Germany and Sweden has simply been countered by increased brainwashing and demoralization.

The other western countries are in similar positions, Britain 82% white in 2011, and USA 64% non-hispanic whites in 2010 (under half of all newborns). Britain, Germany, and USA are the only western countries with large enough populations and economies to become autonomous, which is why they have been heavily infiltrated and corrupted. Indeed Donald Trump turned out to be a Zionist collaborator, not the next Hitler.

Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers Party gained 44% of the popular vote in 1933, but the economic and social environment was much direr, riper for political revolution. Today media-approved kosher civic nationalist parties can’t even gain half as many votes. My point is this: We can’t vote ourselves out of this situation.