I previously stated my belief that there is no voting ourselves out of our predicament, and I don’t have faith in mass democracy in general, especially in the age of public schooling and television. This isn’t really helpful, unless an alternative exists. I propose building power structures outside the mainstream political system, and using these to influence society.

Just in Denmark with an estimated ~6000 jews, they have multiple organizations: Mosaisk trossamfund, Dansk Zionistforbund, Dansk-Jødisk venskab, Dansk-Israelsk forening, Nordjyske Venner af Israel, etc., and they have people in government and media positions. If I were to take a wild guess and say we also have 6000 white nationalists in Denmark (0.1 % of the population), then from a numbers perspective we should be able to exert just as much influence as the jews and essentially counter their domestic activities.

How should we organize? The internet is one way, but it is easy for moles to get in and hard to activate people, although it can be a good tool for recruiting. Another way is dressing up as Nazis and forming a political organization, but this tends to attract degenerates and repel intelligent and resourceful people. A modified way is dressing up in a more modern uniform and with a different symbol, such as Nordfront below, which appears to be more successful.


A different way is forming a religious organization. While I detest the Abrahamic religions, there is something to be admired about their spread and longevity. Something similar to Stephen McNallen’s pagan Asatru Folk Assembly might encompass most racially aware Europeans and serve to instill feelings of rootedness, racial pride, and kinship, all while creating opportunities to meet in person. If I were to create a religion I would probably throw in some implicit anti-semitism, but I am not very spiritual.

A variation on a religious organization is emulating the Freemasons or the Thule Society and creating a secret political group or network of groups under the apparent guise of occultism or a reading society. This would obviously not get as much popular support as an open religion, but it might be a better fit for intellectuals, who in turn might create the ideological base for a wider movement, or may give monetary or political support to other groups.

A final way I can come up with is creating a parallel society based on tribalism. The muslims do it, the jews do it, we can as well. What it entails is moving in close proximity to each other, creating our own separate school, social events, and not marrying non-members. It may be wise to set up in a small suburb to avoid the corrupting influence of the big cities, and to increase tribe interdependence. Having a focus on traditional family values will allow the tribe to grow in size through breeding, with the benefit of not losing children to the conditioning of the egalitarian school system. Such a parallel society may only have local political influence, but it is a way of insulating ourselves from a society in decay.