This is a propaganda film from 1935 Germany showing footage of the NSDAP party rally. It includes several speeches from Hitler and other high ranking party members, and some amazing footage of presentations and masses of followers. Having read a historical account of the Third Reich it was interesting to see the faces and hear the voices of these other party members.  It is captivating, but it is a bit long winded by modern standards, and I personally skipped a few parts and watched it in two goes.

The final speech in the movie had an important point. The party started out with only 7 members, and they worked to recruit the best Germans to the core of the party and to lead. Any movement trying to replicate the success of the NSDAP must also attempt this. People within “neo-nazi” movements are often the worst people of a population, as they tend to attract petty racists, criminals, biker gangs, skin heads, etc. I believe organization is necessary, but be aware of the image being presented and what kinds of people that attracts, or you may even end up getting killed by a psychopath you kicked out like George Rockwell did. They have to be serious people who not only believe, but are willing to FIGHT!

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