I am 25 years old. I got married last year. I just had a son this year, and expect to have more children in the future. I am not a pickup artist or a marriage councilor, but I believe I have some different insights into having a successful relationship.

  • Consider her family. A daughter of divorced parents is more likely to have problems in a relationship. A daughter with many siblings is more likely to want to have many children.
  • Don’t look for a radical woman. Women are wired differently than men, and are more sensitive to social pressures. This means they are more likely to go along with the norms. Radical women are most likely just acting out, because they are damaged emotionally. A conservative woman is probably the best your best bet.
  • Don’t come off as too radical yourself. Even if you have radical views, you don’t have to stop grooming yourself, dress weird, or mention the jewish question on the first date. This will repel most women.
  • Look for a younger woman. If you have radical views, then you need to be assertive towards your partner in order to make her accept them, which is easier if you are older and more mature than her. Younger women also have higher fertility, have healthier eggs, and can have more children before menopause.
  • Ignore the modern body ideal. The ultra-skinny, narrow-hipped woman will be infertile, and will have trouble giving natural birth even if she does somehow manage to become pregnant.
  • Look for a natural woman. Plastic surgery, makeup, and expensive clothes can make a woman appear more attractive, but it will not make her genes any better. Her offspring will inherit her flaws, including those that she has tried to hide away.
  • Compromise on your own preferences. I am more attracted to blondes, but I married a brunette. I have brown hair myself, so there is no good reason why I should absolutely be with a blonde.
  • Stop watching porn. Porn and excessive masturbation sates your natural instincts, and decreases your will to pursue women. The porn being pushed by jews is also deranged; inter racialism, bestiality, homosexuality, cuckolding, violence, etc. Watching porn will condition you so your preferences will change from ordinary sex, which can impregnate women and will help build intimacy, into something abnormal which will damage your relationship. You won’t believe how obsessed I was with sticking my dick up my wifes ass, and in the end (no pun intended) it was worse than ordinary sex.
  • Settle. I married my 2nd girlfriend ever. The endless search for the next upgraded model is a capitalistic marketing ploy, to keep consumers buying new stuff every year. There is no such thing as a soul-mate or the perfect woman, and thus the quest for it is futile. I am much happier now than when I was single, and now that I don’t have to look for a woman I can channel my energy towards other pursuits.