We must oppose the Zionist plan for a new world order, a plan for a one-world government controlled by zionist jews, ruling over all the mixed-race gentiles.

The immigration threat is in part a distraction, causing internal chaos in our nations, in part an existential threat which will destroy our peoples and our chance for opposition.

Conversely, the immigration threat can be a catalyst for a new national awakening. If people around the world seize power from the puppets, collaborators, and incompetents who run our nations, we will be able to create a united front against zionism.

The trap lies in overreaching too soon, as any such cases will result in a deprivation of our freedoms of speech, association, and arms, or even a complete deprivation of our freedom in the form of imprisonment. On the other hand, false-flag attacks or groomed lone wolves can be used by our opponents as alternatives to the same end.

This is a struggle for our existence!
If we lose, we will be replaced.

Get informed – Particularly on topics of race, history, and zionism.

Get organized -We cannot win this struggle as scattered individuals. In Denmark we currently have Stram Kurs, Generation Identity, The Nordic Resistance Movement, Scandza, and probably other groups I am unaware of.

Help others get informed – Blog, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram), real life (activism, stickers, fliers, public debates, private discussions).

Help others get organized – Same as above, but especially personal invitations.

Prepare yourself mentally and physically – Rid yourself of distractions and addictions (porn, TV, videogames, sports, entertainment, alcohol, drugs). Study stoic philosophy and consider the consequences you may face in action, compared to the consequences you may face in inaction. Practice facing danger, social pressure, and enduring hardship. Practice debate, public speaking, and social skills. Practice martial combat, survivalism, and military training. Perform physical exercise, training, labor, or sports.
Groom yourself, eat well, sleep well, improve your appearance, posture, and demeanor.

Prepare your organization by building trust, teamwork, cohesion, unity, direction, policy, identity and coordination through real life interactions, activities, and events.

Predict or create opportunities to step onto the political arena – Demonstrations, public rallies, local and national elections, etc., and when a crisis occurs, channel the public outcry, and take advantage of a momentary power or political vacuum.