I had seen this channel pop up on Youtube once in a while, but I guess Adam Greens hobo appearance put me off from watching at first. His association with Christopher Bollyn convinced me to take a look.

Now that I’ve taken a dive into his material, I have to say I’ve been missing out. Adam has some really hot takes, is well-researched, and well-organized. His videos have shown me some previously missing pieces from my understanding of jewish influence and their agenda.

In particular, I myself couldn’t find a good explanation for the American/Russian conflict in the Middle East, when both Trump and Putin are Zionists aligned with Netanyahu. His recent video brings up the predictions of reverent Ted Pike, that Israel will manipulate America into wars with Arabs in the middle east, while Russia will arm the Arabs, in order for White Christians and Arab Muslims to exhaust each other in war. When the dust settles, Israel will realign with Russia and communist China, to attain final victory in the cold war. This censored video which he put up previously has more background on the Russian-Israeli connections.

Edit Dec. 12 2019: Adam put out a video titled Europhobia & The Destruction of Edom which for me has been the best summary of the historical and current jewish involvement in promoting mass immigration and white genocide.

He is facing censorship on Youtube, so I suggest bookmarking his website or subscribing to his Bitchute.