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Good day fellow man or woman!

For every day that passes, the burden of the parasites grows heavier and the noose around our necks gets tighter. I am talking about the economic swindlings of the international capitalist, and the third world migrant invasion.

The aim of the jewish puppet-masters is to enslave us as workers in a global “plantation”, and to achieve this against our will they must confuse us, misinform us, delude us, degrade us, shame us, divide us, and ultimately DESTROY our cultural and genetic heritage!

Sure we will still have the “freedom” to choose our desired slave trade, watch television, and drink beer, but we won’t be able to question or overthrow the overlords, act in our own personal or collective interests, choose our own destiny.

I will attempt to awaken in particular white/European men and woman to the deadly threat we are facing, spread information (particularly from a Danish perspective), and help organize our allies and collaborators.

I have a background in biology, and am in the process of starting a family.